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I'm Jim McCann. This is TCHOW, where (attempt to) I document many of the things that I do.


I used to be a graduate student in the Carnegie Mellon Graphics Lab. My Carnegie Mellon research projects are documented on my research web page.

In July 2010, I defended my thesis. It was a fun thesis defense; there were both "Applause" and "Laughter" signs, pink hair, lab coats, and plenty of baked goods. (Credit for much of that is owed Ronit.) In September, I turned in the final copy of my dissertation.

I then spent time as a postdoctoral researcher at Adobe, where I (among other things) to created this interpolate extension.

From October of 2012 to February of 2014 I worked full-time on creating video games as TCHOW llc (though I remained a collaborator on a few research projects). This resulted in the commercial release of Rktcr, a Linux/OSX/Windows game, and Rainbow, an iOS/Android game.

From February 2014 until May 2017, I worked as an Associate Research Scientist at Disney Research Pittsburgh. It was a heck of a lot of fun.

Since May 2017, I have been a Professor with the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. This means I do things like advise PhD students, teach classes, and create new knowledge; check out my academic home page for that sort of thing.

I continue to work on games as a hobby, but at a much slower rate than I would otherwise like.


I'm quite widely contactable. Consider:

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People often ask why my web page is called TCHOW (also, tchow, if the capitals become too glaring). The name comes from "The Chicken's House of Wacky" -- which is a fictional organization (designed by myself) that was useful to me during my formative middle- and high- school years. The mascot of the group was, of course, the Chicken, a comic character resembling death (and some far side cartoons, though not intentionally).

Very little of the original moral content of the group remains, but I keep the name (and, occasionally, the handle Chicken1, though I am more often, now, using ix).

'ix', by the way, is not a reference to one of Mallarmé's pseudonyms. It is simply a nice, snappy, and short name.